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50% of Real Estate developers plan to integrate Smart Home solutions in all new development projects.

In 2019, several thousand Smart Apartments were delivered in France, with demand increasing significantly: 70% of the population wants to live in a Smart Home!

In 2025, 80% of new apartments will be equipped before sale with a native, integrated Smart Apartment solution. So don’t wait to take part in the Smart revolution!

SmartHab, an added value
for your Real Estate developments


SmartHab is a team of professionals from the Real Estate and Internet businesses – experts in operational issues and understanding residents’ expectations – whose mission is to fully manage your Smart Home and Smart Building projects.

SmartHab is your end-to-end partner – from upstream project support to the delivery to the buyers of your apartments – including installing and commissioning our solutions. SmartHab are experts both in Smart Building technologies (connected objects, telecommunications, apps and softwares) as well as the Real Estate development business (design, contract procurement, construction, regulations, etc.)

A powerful sales catalyst for your business


Sales catalyst

Increase the value per square meter of your apartments while also differentiating yourself from the competition with a product-based advantage that is highly appreciated by clients (turn-key solution, high-tech equipment).

Innovative process

SmartHab transforms your Real Estate offer by integrating digital services and opening it up to innovation. Thanks to its interoperability, SmartHab connects your Smart Buildings to the Smart City.

Environmental performance

Address issues related to RT2012 and RE2020 environmental regulations with SmartHab, unlocking up to 30% energy savings for your buyers.

Expertise across the value chain

SmartHab provides an end-to-end Smart Apartment platform that saves you time and money. It includes all the technology components: connected objects, networks & telecommunications, information systems, mobile apps, voice command, etc.

Customised support for your teams to ensure success for your Smart Building projects


SmartHab is there for you from the beginning to the end of your Real Estate development project, particularly during the following phases:


SmartHab provides expert consultancy to make sure the functional scope aligns with the Real Estate programme.

Sales support

SmartHab provides comprehensive sales support (setting up a show flat, providing commercial materials for the sales office, training the sales teams, etc.)


SmartHab sets up the building’s IoT network infrastructure and installs and commissions the connected objects in coordination with the other companies involved in the project.

Delivery and after-sales service

SmartHab manages the relationship with residents and the owners’ association for an easy appropriation. If needed, residents benefit from SmartHab assistance.

Immerse yourself in a SmartHab Smart Home


Our developments



Casa Bella

Number of apartments


Number of connected objects


Delivery date

November 2018

La Seyne-sur-Mer


Number of apartments


Number of connected objects


Delivery date

March 2020



Number of apartments


Number of connected objects


Delivery date

November 2020

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Smart Building partners


IoT partners


Service partners


SmartHab is one of the third parties approved for testing purposes by Enedis to access data from individual users’ Linky meters. As a member of the Special Committee, we are working with Enedis to build web services and a legal framework for energy professionals.

SmartHab is part of the GRDF ADICT programme, one of the first to offer real-time data on gas consumption in apartments. Using GRDF’s data, SmartHab is able to consolidate all the relevant data about energy and fluid use in an apartment within a single app.

Proxiserve makes data about real-time water use available to SmartHab, and SmartHab alerts residents if a leak is detected. With Proxiserve’s data, SmartHab is able to consolidate all the relevant data about energy and fluid use in an apartment within a single app.

The Saunier Duval heating performance combines with SmartHab connected homes! Thanks to the MiGo app, SmartHab connects perfectly with the MiGo thermostats from Saunier Duval. Everything is integrated into the SmartHab app for bidirectional use based on the resident’s user preferences.

SmartHab provides an offering for helping seniors stay in their homes longer through a latest-generation remote assistance service, SeniorAdom. Being totally integrated, the service communicates with the SmartHab system and alerts caregivers in real time when anomalies are detected.

Telegrafik is an improved remote assistance service mainly intended for senior residences. Linked to the residents’ housing management system, its algorithm reinforces the SmartHab intelligence that helps provide Smart Care.

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