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Smart Homes, an efficiency catalyst for landlords


By integrating connected objects and services into homes, landlords have a new means of boosting efficiency, both in terms of attractiveness and operations.

These tools provide more safety and comfort for their residents, but also supports everyday operations and maintenance. Feeding the building infrastructure information systems with real-time data enables them to improve management and more reactive responses.

Overall, the solutions that SmartHab implements in new buildings and renovation programmes have positive impacts on service quality and productivity. They make it possible to address energy performance and make elderly people stay in their homes longer.

According to a recent study by Patrimoine SA Languedocienne, 87% of renters believe that digital tools are useful in terms of energy savings and safety. With SmartHab, you can address the growing demand and deploy Smart Buildings in your Real Estate properties!

The benefits of SmartHab solutions


Reduce energy consumption

Address your energy performance challenges with SmartHab’s real-time digital thermostat control and integrated, multi-flow, real-time metering solutions (up to 40% utility savings in common and private areas).

Optimise Real Estate portfolio management

Optimise rental fees with better-maintained buildings at a lower cost. Manage the move-in and move-out of new occupants and reduce energy consumption during turnover periods. SmartHab monitors critical equipments (access control, skylights, ventilation, etc.) and detects incidents in housing units (water leaks, smoke, electrical and heating issues, etc.)

Improve service quality

Digitally monitoring building systems is a source of improvements in service quality. Optimising your knowledge of problems occurring on-site allows you to respond better and facilitate relations with residents. Overall, improved service quality and comfort upgrade the appeal of your property towards residents.

Boost resident satisfaction

SmartHab provides you with an end-to-end solution and assistance that goes beyond simply providing a technological solution. Our team is there for you every step of the way, from thinking upstream about use cases and economic models to your relationships with residents (creating user accounts, teaching them to use the mobile app, providing after-sales service), as well as managing setup and commissioning with the companies involved. SmartHab is an integrated, turn-key solution: all the Smart Home parameters are set up beforehand and the resident just has to download the SmartHab app to enjoy the Smart Apartment experience. Our « Ready-2-Service » approach is both inclusive (no need for a private Internet modem/router unit to access the service) and upgradeable (the functionalities and services are constantly being supplemented, and residents can add connected objects for a low price).

Support your innovation strategy

By working with SmartHab, you are accelerating the digital transformation of your organisation. You are working with innovative, user-focused solutions. Lastly, you are implementing an interoperable platform that can incorporate a wide range of digital and social innovations: Smart City services, assistance and monitoring services for the elderly (with our partners Telegrafik and SeniorAdom), digital metering services (Enedis, GRDF, Proxiserve).

Our services


SmartHab is there for you from the beginning to the end of your Real Estate development project, particularly during the following phases:


SmartHab provides expert consultancy to help make sure the functional scope aligns with the Real Estate programme.


SmartHab sets up the building’s IoT network infrastructure, installs and commissions the connected objects in coordination with the other companies involved in the project.

Operations, management and maintenance

SmartHab controls and monitors your Smart Building systems 24/24 and performs the equipment maintenance. SmartHab provides you with a management interface for you to process data, monitor your energy consumption and optimise the maintenance of your Real Estate assets.

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